About Us


To create a society where men and women work side by side, mutually respecting each other’s rights.


To empower women by information, education & communication so they are able to stand up for their rights;
To generate opportunities to effect change for the advancement of women through development, support and inspiration of women as leaders;
To promote women’s leadership in sustainable development, environment and climate change;
To build respect for human rights in the Maldives in general by creating awareness of the rights of women;
To document any human rights violations, domestic violence, sexual abuse that takes place specifically based on gender.


Across the Maldives, continues abuse of hundreds of women in their communities that have become a culture that is accepted by many. Voice of Women (VoW) aims to bring an end to this culture by addressing gender injustice, gender equality, gender equity, violence against women, women’s empowerment and involvement in development including economic, social and political dimensions.

VoW is an umbrella non-governmental organization for women in the Maldives providing assistance to existing women’s NGOs in the remote islands via development of network as well as opportunities for mutual cooperation.

VoW, since its inception has had a voice in the international community by actively taking part in the UN meetings, promoting women’s rights, highlighting the challenges that the Maldivian women face and bringing the voice of the Maldivian women to the global platform.

VoW was founded in 2009 and was officially registered in 2011.

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