Jenny Green Jeans: Forward!

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This brings us to investments and the future. I attended two powerful Climate events in the last month. The first was on Fossil Fuels Divestment. The panel was comprised of government council members, financial advisors and investment strategists. Nearly every panel speaker was really about the numbers. It was a great forum because the evening demonstrated that people who are nearly completely driven by the bottom line are also motivated and relieved when they can influence change for the better (environmentally speaking) and justify the portfolios to which they are responsible.

The second event was’s Off+On: The Climate Movement and the Road through Paris (Paris will be hosting the Global Climate Talks in December 2015). Climate activists and authors Bill McKibben  and Naomi Klein were among the representation for the evening. The event included the “shock and awe” videos and stats we have come to expect at these happenings – but the takeaway was hopeful and empowering. I was most effected by the young climate activists that represented their colleges, communities and countries. The Maldives for instance, an island nation where the highest elevation measures 6 feet above sea level(!), and whose first democratically elected leader and champion for environmental survival, Mohamed Nasheed, currently sits in jail as a result of a military coup. Thilmeeza Hussain, co-founder of Voice of Women and UN representative of the Maldives, translated their progressive Maldivian chant: forward, forward, faster – FORWARD!’s message is clear. First, we must keep the remaining fossil fuels in the ground. And second, while we are watching world leaders and governments closely on their response and actions regarding climate change, we are going to move forward with or without them. My dear friend can move forward without signing on for natural gas lines in her neighborhood. My amazing Sister moved forward by building a rain barrel for her Huntington Beach, CA home. You can move forward by no longer introducing toxic products into your household. It really is that simple. Take a step. Make a change. Progress, without fail, initially represents itself in our visionary powers. I can’t afford a Tesla at the moment but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of my next car – which will be electric, I can promise you that!

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