Disturbing news of a woman sentenced to death by stoning in the Maldives


18 October 2015

A woman (mother of five children) has been allegedly found guilty of  “adultery” and sentenced to death by stoning by a magistrate court in Maldives without due process. This is an unprecedented sentence and no one has been stoned to death in the Maldives. The Prosecutor General’s (PG’s) office has stated that that they will appeal this sentence as the sentence was not given the charges of “giving birth out of wedlock” filed by the State. The PG’s decision to appeal attests to the flaws in the verdict by the magistrate court.

This sentence comes at a time of increased national and international pressure on the government of Maldives regarding conduct of the judges, questionable judicial impartiality, arbitrariness and general lack of confidence in the judiciary of Maldives (references below).

VoW stands up for the rights of the woman and her children and all persons and call upon the state to ensure fairness for all.


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