Bill on Sexual Harassment tabled by Rozaina Adam, MP for Thulusdhoo

Source: Majlis Website

The Government’s bill on Sexual Harassment tabled by Rozaina Adam, MP for Thulusdhoo was accepted from the floor with fifty seven votes in favour at the Seventeenth Sitting of the First Session of the People’s Majlis, held today.

At today’s Sitting, an eleven member select committee was established to review the Bill on Sexual Harassment. The proposal to elect a select committee received forty-nine votes in favour, 01 abstention and 6 against.

The total number of Members required for the select committee was determined during the Sitting in accordance with Section 116(c) of Regulation governing the Proceedings of the People’s Majlis. The proposal to elect an eleven member select committee as proposed by Mohamed Rasheed, MP for Machangolhi-South and seconded by Mohamed Hussain, MP for Mathiveri received fifty votes in favour, 02 abstentions and 02 against.

Eleven names were nominated for the select Committee as proposed by Rozaina Adam, MP for Thulusdhoo and seconded by Moosa Manik, MP for Henveiru-South. The nomination received fifty-three votes in favour, 1 abstention and 5 against.

The committee presently comprises of Ahmed Hamza, MP for Bilehdhoo; Ibrahim Rasheed, MP for Maafannu-South; Ahmed Sameer, MP for Dhidhoo; Mohamed Gasam, MP for Thinadhoo; Mohamed Mujthaz, MP for Hanimaadhoo, Mohamed Rafeeq Hassan, MP Fuahmulah-North; Abdul Azeez Jamal Abubakr, MP, for Maavah; Rozaina Adam, MP for Thulusdhoo, Visam Ali, MP for Madduvari, Mohamed Zubair, MP for Dhuvaafaru and Gasim Ibrahim, MP for Maamingili.

A Report by Independent Institutions Committee on Supreme Court (SC) ruling to reverse the People’s Majlis removal of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chair Mohamed Fahmy Hassan, was passed by Majlis without changes to the committee report on the issue. The report was accepted with forty-two votes in favour, 03 abstentions and 16 against.

The Bill on Amendments to Parliamentary Privileges Act (No. 5/2013), tabled by Abdulla Mausoom, MP for Kelaa was accepted to Majlis today, with fifty-four votes in favour, 8 abstentions and 0 against.

The Bills have been sent to the National Security Committee for review.

The People’s Majlis will meet again on 15 April 2013 at 9:00am.